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Mechanically, the ZIL-4104 also improved on the 114. The pushrod V8 engine of the 114 had its stroke increased from 95 mm ( in) to 105 mm ( in). With a 108 mm ( in) bore, this meant the capacity increased from 6,959 cc ( cu in) to 7,695 cc ( cu in), [3] which was throughout the model's lifespan one of the world's biggest passenger-car engines (Cadillac offered a 472 cu in (7,730 cc) engine, enlarged to 500 cu in (8,200 cc)). This engine developed 315 hp SAE Gross at 4,400 revs per minute and a substantial 608  N⋅m (448  lb⋅ft ) at 2500 rpm. [4] At 3,400 kg (7,500 lb), 6,339 mm ( in) long, 2,068 mm ( in) wide, and 1,500 mm (59 in) high, it needed all of it. [5]

One of the country’s most high-profile recent openings, and a certain magnet for future British honeymooners, Six Senses Zil Pasyon stands on the 652-acre Félicité Island and is dramatically beautiful. Clusters of immense granite boulders line the island’s periphery, a ribbon of turquoise water is threaded along the shoreline.

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