Kurtis mantronik journey to utopia

If narrowing the 1990s down to 100 records was a tricky job, doing the same with the 1980s felt like squeezing a horse through a catflap. The birth of hip-hop, US hardcore, techno, house, metal, first wave indie, second wave disco, goth, new wave…it’s a decade which, unsurprisingly, refuses to be pinned down. Still, pints of blood, buckets of sweat and enough tears to fill a bath later, the list is complete – and we’re very proud of the results.

Funk derivatives include the psychedelic funk eras of Sly Stone and George Clinton ; the avant-funk of groups such as Talking Heads and the Pop Group ; boogie (or electro-funk), a form of electronic music; electro music , a hybrid of electronic music and funk; funk metal (., Living Colour , Faith No More ); G-funk, a mix of gangsta rap and funk; Timba , a form of funky Cuban popular dance music; and funk jam (., Phish ). Funk samples and breakbeats have been used extensively in genres including hip hop , and various forms of electronic dance music , such as house music , old-school rave, breakbeat , and drum and bass . It is also the main influence of go-go , a subgenre associated with funk. [3]

Last year, FACT counted down our 100 favourite albums of the 1990s – a years-in-the-making effort that, we thought, was about as tough as undertakings got.

Kurtis Mantronik Journey To Utopia